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Vietnam Shoe Manufacturer, HS Footwear Co., Launches New Website

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HS Footwear Co., a prominent shoe manufacturer with facilities in Vietnam, has announced the launch of a new website to showcase their products and services and to announce new developments as a rapidly growing company. Since 2000, HS Footwear Co. has been dedicated to delivering high-quality products to clients across the globe. Specializing in athletic, medical-grade, cycling cleats, insoles, and safety footwear, their clients include some of the world’s biggest brands, including one of the top safety shoe brands in Japan. With offices in Mainland China and Taiwan, and manufacturing facilities in Vietnam, they operate with accuracy and reliability demonstrated by 20 years of business with no late shipments.

The company has been a major leader in the meteoric rise of Vietnam over the last decade as a manufacturer and exporter of shoes of all types. The nation produces over one billion pairs of shoes each year and is currently the world's second largest exporter in the industry. This phenomenal growth has been attributed to the availability and low cost of labor in Vietnam, as well as the accessibility of the raw materials needed to manufacture shoes, especially leather and rubber, also at lower costs.

The Vietnamese government has also been instrumental in the growth of the industry by offering generous tax incentives that have increased foreign investment, attracting companies such as Adidas and Nike, and also by concentrating on infrastructure development, especially railways, roads, and seaports. Due to these as well as other factors occurring in the global market, the shoe manufacturing industry in Vietnam is expected to continue to grow for the foreseeable future.

HS Footwear Co. has become one of the industry leaders in the region by developing and implementing high standards in production and quality control, and by incorporating the latest technology into the manufacturing process. Furthermore, their team has a comprehensive knowledge of the import-export process to assist clients with their shipping logistics. From day one the company has operated to make sure each one of their clients can receive one-on-one attention. Their sales staff has decision making power to ensure that every time their client has communication with a company representative, immediate action can be taken without having to go through a long chain of command. Their experienced bilingual staff is dedicated to helping clients understand and navigate the hurdles of global business.

Regional Sales Director Roger Lin stated, "What makes HS Footwear Co. different from our competitors is our quality. We are proud of the quality of the shoes that we produce. We have long-term relationships with our clients because they trust us, and they trust our quality. That's how we have been able to maintain relationships for such a long time. We own the facilities, and we do direct business with the client, which makes the product sales to manufacturing process transparent and cost-efficient."

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