• Your Vietnam Shoe Manufacturing Solution.

    We help companies navigate global shoe manufacturing. With over 1,500 employees, our Vietnam based shoe factory has worked with the world's largest shoe brands!

  • We are Vietnam's Leading Shoe Manufacturing Factory

    A company built on trust, efficiency and reliability: 20 years of experience and the ability to manufacture 2,000,000 shoes per year.

    About Our Vietnam Based Shoe Factory:

    As a Vietnam based shoe manufacturing company, we have partnered with some of the world’s leading shoe brands to manufacture the highest quality shoes from our factory in Vietnam. With 20 years of experience navigating the logistics of international business, our company is a reliable leader in the manufacturing and shipping of insoles, sport shoes, medical-grade shoes, cycling cleats, and safety shoes.

    Beyond creating high-quality products for our clients, our team of Vietnamese shoe manufacturing experts are exceptionally skilled in production control and managing the delivery of orders across international lines. When it comes to understanding and moving through the import-export process, our team knows exactly what has to be done. We are capable of producing 2 millions pairs of shoes a year from our factory in Vietnam, and the number is growing steadily.


    Valuing customer service and clear communication above all else, we strive to provide a transparent process and give clients a direct channel from product selling to manufacturing. Excluding the complicated supply chain, we can produce the finest shoes at a better cost. Our experienced bilingual staff is dedicated to helping clients understand and navigate the hurdles of global business.


    What you can expect when working with us:

    • High quality products under advanced production management and systematic quality control
    • Reduced logistical headaches, and lower costs while maintaining high quality.  
    • On-time shipment provided through constant product cycle tracking
    • Supervised product storage condition with well-monitored warehousing system
    • A seamless customer experience handled by veterans in global shoe manufacturing. 
  • Our Shoe Factory in Vietnam Handles all Aspects of Shoe Manufacturing

    Cutting & Printing. Sewing. Forming. Outsole Processing. Broken Needle Management

    Outsole Processing

    Broken Needle Management