• About Our Insole Manufacturing Factory In Vietnam

    We have been helping shoe companies manufacture their products and navigate import-export regulations since 2000. Our Vietnam based shoe factory has production resources of a large operation, and we can meet large production orders for companies around the world.

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    Stylish and durable shoes are great, but without high-performing insoles, maximum performance can't be reached. We have solved all insole woes by offering features that absorb shock and supports the arches of the feet for safety and comfort while wearing. Clients are sure to get the best of the best with our insoles:

    • We offer anti-microbial and deodorant properties to fight off unwanted smells and infections.

    • The insole's anti-static feature can ensure that each step is firm and safe against the ground.

    • They can be created with a range of materials including leather, Polyurethane, TPU, EVA foam, and others.

    Other shoes/products we produce in our Vietnam Factory: