• About Our Sport Shoe Manufacturing Factory In Vietnam

    We have been helping shoe companies manufacture their products and navigate import-export regulations since 2000. Our company has production resources of a large operation, and we can meet large production orders for companies around the world from our shoe factory in Vietnam.

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    Sport Shoes

    With 20 years of experience, we understand the importance of a good pair of sport shoes for those with active lifestyles. We adopt the best shoe manufacturing solutions based on materials, design, functionalities and other factors, which is why we have developed features for sport shoes that prioritize safety and maximize performance:

    • By partnering with top brands in the market, we can produce large amounts of top-quality sport shoes with in our Vietnam factory that is certified by the Standard Global Services (SGS) for health and safety.

    • We are able to produce large quantities of high-quality shoes with a low defective rate.

    Other shoes/products we produce in our Vietnam Factory: